The MonoGame Foundation is using a bounty system to propose paid incentives to improve the project.

The list of all open bounties is available on the project's Github repository.

How do bounties work?

If you would like to propose your services to fulfill a bounty, please send us your references and a proposed schedule to complete the bounty by e-mail (please indicate which bounty you are applying to):

The Foundation board will review your application during the next board meeting (happening every second Wednesday of each month; and providing that you sent your application at least 48 hours ahead of the next meeting). The board will then let you know of the decision. The decision will also be made public in the meeting's minutes. If the decision is favorable, a service agreement will be proposed to you to legally bind both parties.

The Foundation board will consider your expertise and proposed schedule. Unless specified, only one application per bounty will be selected and locked to complete the bounty. Past that point, bounties will be closed for applications. Therefore, bounties are not competitions with multiple people racing to complete them. The board will look for the most suitable application.

Requirements to apply for bounties

Before you apply for fulfilling a bounty, please note the following requirements:

We can unfortunately not consider applications that don't meet these requirements.