Board Meeting Minutes

By: MonoGame Foundation Apr 10, 2024


  • Dean Ellis - President
  • Dominique Louis - Treasurer
  • Simon Jackson - Corporate Secretary
  • Tom Spilman - Banking Matters
  • Marko Jeremic - Board Chairman
  • Thomas Altenburger - Board Member


  • Outstanding Bounty reviews
  • New / outstanding bounty requests
  • Metal implementation update


A shorter meeting this month due to schedules and timings as the entire team are wrapped up with the new year business in their respective full-time jobs. Still time however to go through the critical bounty requests to push the framework forward.

  • Bounty Updates:
    • Only bounty creation will be discussed on the monthly meetings, including funding.
    • An applicant will be allowed to pick up a bounty a minimum of one week after its creation (to allow for multiple applications).
    • The president is responsible for getting the applicant to sign an NDA and tell them that they have been accepted for the task.
    • The bounty creator is responsible for helping the applicant with what is requested from the bounty, selecting the candidate as well as ensuring the bounties work is completed properly.

This will ensure a fair and speedy process and reduce any "red tape" for getting work picked up quickly, while still ensuring all interested applicants voices are heard.

  • Metal implementation is fine, so long as it follows the new native api.

Bounty tracker

All bounties are still tracked primarily from the Bounties GitHub issue. Each bounty has its own issue to keep communication open (subject to NDA requirements).

Upcoming bounties:

  • MonoGame.Tool.X / MonoGame.Library.X for texture compression (waiting on ffmpeg bounty)
  • Content Pipeline library hookup of all the Tool.X / Library.X repos (waiting on the above bounty)
  • FAudio hookup (waiting on the native base bounty)
  • A more modern getting started (installation process, content pipeline and 1st simple game)
  • A cross platform MonoGame setup, including the content pipeline
  • A sample endless runner game in 2D.
  • A multi-player sample game.
  • A 3D first person game.
  • A 3D 3rd person game.

MonoGame progress

It was raised by the community after the last meeting that the plans for MonoGame releases are not public, HOWEVER they really are, as they are available in the Milestones setup on GitHub, although we recognize this is not immediately clear and will take steps to make this more visible.

The current milestones are as follows:

Stay tuned as we progress. There are no fixed dates on these at the moment, but we are working as hard on them as we can (with the free time the developers have)

Get Involved

Contributions are welcome through:

  • Code.
  • Help in the Community discord and beyond (we also love blog posts).
  • Patreon, several tiers are available.
  • PayPal.
  • The MonoGame store (coming soon) with MonoGame branded gear and merchandise.