Board Meeting Minutes

By: MonoGame Foundation Nov 16, 2023


  • Dean Ellis - President
  • Dominique Louis - Treasurer
  • Simon Jackson - Corporate Secretary
  • Tom Spilman - Banking Matters
  • Marko Jeremic - Board Chairman
  • Thomas Altenburger - Board Member


  • Status on setting up Microsoft email server and Microsoft Teams
  • Transfer/Application for Console Developer accounts (will required email setup first I guess)
  • Basic stuff on how, and which features we will be funding
  • Discussion on community site next steps
  • Code of Conduct
    • Additional policies that need drafting, review of contribution policies.
    • Requirements for contribution, CLA agreements, 2FA (Mirror other practices used by MS and the .NET Foundation on their repos to ensure good actors)
  • Follow up on the GitHub Issue and PR clean-up
  • "Short" chat on the GameJam, and considerations for future events / dates?
  • Emergency contacts
  • Basic stuff on how, and which features we will be funding
    • Implement the GDKX target for Xbox and PC/DX12 (because the Xbox port is currently obsolete and not accepted into certification, so it's blocking for any Xbox dev)
    • Migrating consoles to NativeAOT (which imply an almost full rewrite of the Nintendo Switch port; PS4 and PS5 should be more straightforward)
    • Vulkan target (which might be salvaged from Tom's work on Stadia; might need a rewrite for the same reason as the Nintendo Switch to be NativeAOT-compatible)
  • Next steps? (let us keep the momentum going)


The second MonoGame Foundation meeting was a great success, getting accounts, funding and the general organization structure defined, as well as outlining the immediate plans for MonoGame improvement.

Of note, the current decisions were made by the conclusion of the meeting:

  • Office account is in progress, scheduled to be completed by early next week. Emails required to complete other tasks and transfers.
  • Funding sources to be agreed once contracts and work are planned. Either pre-pay cards or limited accounts.
  • Idea generation to start for projects to fund.
  • Continuation of Forum posts discussed, with the outcomes being either to stay on current software (in new home) or Migrate to GitHub DDiscussions
  • Issue PR / Issue review is continuing, automation to be utilized to improve the process.
  • Teams will reach out for the possibility of Codes and other digital gear to sponsor the current event, if they can be made available.
  • Plans under discussion about a future Jam made by the foundation.
  • Linux documentation currently still states x86, should be updated to current state.
  • Dot Net 8 migration for next release.
  • UWP planned to be deprecated in next release.
  • Collaboration with other open-source projects to begin, leverage shared resources to support all projects.
  • Roadmap discussions have begun with an aim to release asap.