Board Meeting Minutes

By: MonoGame Foundation Oct 24, 2023


  • Dean Ellis - President
  • Dominique Louis - Treasurer
  • Simon Jackson - Corporate Secretary
  • Tom Spilman - Banking Matters
  • Marko Jeremic - Board Chairman
  • Thomas Altenburger - Board Member


  • Initial kick off meeting
  • Foundation setup progress
  • Roadmap discussions
  • MonoGame GitHub Issue and PR clean-up / process
  • Aob


The first official MonoGame Foundation meeting was a great success, setting out the core principles under which the foundation will be run.

Of note, the current decisions were made by the conclusion of the meeting:

  • Foundation formal launch date agreed, 29th September 2023. The financial and bank account are all in order.
  • The migration process for all MonoGame funding and billing is in the process of transferring to the Foundation.
  • Non-Profit status in progress, pending confirmation with US Registry.
  • New website design and implementation agreed, due to go live on Monday 13th October (if you are reading this, then you are looking at the new site).
  • The existing MonoGame GitHub backlog will be cleaned up as a priority, issues not relating to current MonoGame releases will be closed following contact with authors. Valid PR's will get a full review. Emphasis on bringing in as much from the community as possible, in accordance with the MonoGame Foundation goals.
  • GitHub Automation will be reviewed to make contribution and issue management easier and quicker.
  • The initial future roadmap has been agreed, focusing primarily on:
    • AoT native
    • .NET 8
    • Provisional release identity 3.9.
    • The publication of the full road to be a priority.

The team are active and ready to take on the new challenges in the transition to the MonoGame Foundation, building even more and targeting more platforms as they arise, with the communities help of course!